Our Weekly Zoom Prayer/Scripture Services every Wednesday from 1-2 in the afternoon, will turn into Summer Office Hours with Leaders in the Community in June through September.  Please Reserve a time with Rev. Cynthia Yoshitomi.  She will give you a code and password that will help you to get into the chat.  A phone chat can also be arranged.   
ALL of Saint Anthony’s community Face to Face EVENTS HAVE BEEN postponed DUE TO OUR
CONCERNS For Covid 19.  Please keep in touch with us.

Please keep in touch with us by signing in to our contact page and we will get back to you asap.
 Summer 2000 Events TBA
Lent 2000 Events
Holy Thursday

St. Anthony’s annual Holy Thursday celebration is one our most moving Spiritual Rite of the year.  As an adaptation of the Jewish Passover, we, in effect, are re-celebrating Jesus’ Seder, his Last Supper, by combining it with our own Eucharist.  We celebrate the Eucharist as Jesus did with his disciples and friends. We bless the bread and wine as he did, and say the words he said. We are, in effect, linking the Hebrew Scriptures with our own Scriptures, the past with the present. Through songs and readings, we re-tell the story of humanity’s journey out of slavery and into the freedom of our spiritual Holy Land.  A highlight of the ritual is a ceremonial washing of hands, in remembrance of Jesus’ washing his disciples’ feet. Afterwards, we celebrate with a simple soup and salad dinner.  

Please join us:   Holy Thursday:  Place TBA for 2020  Santa Barbara, CA. 

First Friday Lunch 2020:  Please join us…

On the first Friday of every month the women meet for lunch to celebrate upcoming birthdays–and each other.  For information and/or to join us in these events, please call 805-962-3161 for reservations.


THE HUMAN FAMILY PROJECT: All are on hold at the moment
Diverse Communities Honoring Our Shared Humanity Next meeting: February 25 7:30 p.m. @ St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Open to all representatives of communities, and other individuals, who have signed on as members of The Human Family Project. Preparing for the First Annual Community Conference of The Human Family Project, which will be held in the Multi-Cultural Center of the University of California Santa Barbara, in October of 2020. For more information: rabbi@cbbsb.org. . . . . ……………………

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