Saint Anthony’s Response to the Invasion of Ukraine.                                                                                                                       THE INDEPENDENT: Santa Barbara

Courage, Bravery, Hope

We fervently affirm our admiration for the courageous Ukrainian resisters who, inspired by their resolute president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, have taken up arms to help the Ukrainian army repel their country’s unprovoked invasion by the Russian army.

We also express profound admiration for the bravery of each Russian citizen, who, despite the certainty of swift arrest and harsh imprisonment, poured onto the streets in cities across their country to protest their president’s decision to order a horrific act of war against its sovereign neighbor.

We support your courage, bravery, and hope.

We pray for your survival and stand in solidarity with your desire for peace and freedom.


   All Saints Day

I have always been drawn to the Feast of All Saints.  Partly because it is season of autumn when there is a natural slowing down which invites us to go internal.  It seems a natural season to invite our ancestors to celebrate with us.  Also, the November readings of the church feel like a new and separate season to me—it’s the in between of our lives—between Ordinary time and Advent—a time to focus on the Wisdom of the Souls that have come before us…. It is a time to remember with gratitude all those persons whose goodness has inspired us in my beliefs and given us courage to act on what we believe.  It is a Feast Day to acknowledge that holy women and men have helped us find our own potential for goodness.

I think of “saints as not only those women and men who have been canonized by the church, but all people whose lives reflect the goodness of God.  Saints, I don’t believe are perfect people.  They have their faults and weaknesses.  Even the canonized ones are noted to have been difficult to live with because of some unique mannerisms. (Perhaps our roommates could be Saints).  Yet, despite their faults the Saints are people of great integrity.

They have a central focus at the core of their lives:  The Love of God.  They consistently choose to act out of that central reality, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary their lives may be.  When I remember the Saints in my life I am struck with the reality of how each of our lives matter no matter how simple they are.  Natalie Goldberg, an author puts it this way:

“Whether we know it or not, we transmit the presence of everyone we have known, as though by being in each other’s presence we exchange cells, pass on some of our life force, and then we go on carrying that other person in our body; not unlike springtime when certain plants in fields we walk through attach their seeds in the form of small burrs to our socks, our pants, our caps as if to say,

“Go on, take us with you, carry us to root in another place” This is how we survive long after we are dead.  This is why it is important WHO we become because we pass it on.”

Through the scripture readings and our traditions of Celebrating All Hallows Eve, our Catholic Tradition reminds us that there is a thin veil between the living and the dead.

As a child I was told that the masquerade on Halloween helped the dead feel more comfortable in the company of the living. That our dressing up would be seen by our ancestors as a welcoming gesture…..That we would join into their celebration they into ours.  It would help us, the living, understand what God wanted from us in the here and now.

As a Catholic, I feel so gifted with the traditions of All Saints and All Souls Day.  These autumn days serve as anchors to my future oriented life…The celebrations offer me opportunities to remember my roots and my wings.  Remembering the Dead also obligates me to enter into grief which is not an easy task for me to do…I prefer seeking joy.

The reading of the Beatitudes today, once again makes me acknowledge the power and responsibilities of our human relationships to the poor, to the mourning, the peacemakers, the lowly, the hungry, the thirsty and the suffering saints who live among us.

To believe in the Communion of Saints means we must learn to depend on one another for our wisdom in understanding what it means to be real Christians.

On All Souls Day we will read Daniel, the prophet, who tells us,

“That the dead will rise to shine like stars”

Hopefully today’s readings, and our celebrations last night will remind us that we are all potential stars and call us to treat one another that way.  That is why it is important WHO we are becoming, because we do pass it on.

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