Saint Anthony’s Ministries:  We were not absent that day!
Through our 45 years we have acted on our call to Serve All the People of God.

Special Prayers for Sister Maria Ines who is our light;  Mary Brown for her Voice; Paul Anthony Tonkin for his faithfulness. For all those suffering from Covid 19. For all Doctors and Nurses on the front line.  For all those who are serving while working their jobs in necessary industries; For all who have lost their jobs, who do not have enough food;  who struggle with rent and other necessities.  For all young people who are struggling with how to celebrate their futures as students;  For All Teachers, Faculty and Staff.  We Pray to our God. R/ God hear our prayer.

 Music Ministry:  Betty Pierskalla

We are always looking for new Choir Members.

Bread Baker Ministry:  Ingrid Scott:  Far Right

Communications:  Mary Heumphreus 


Social Justice Coordinators:Jane Fehrenbacher and Lee Menichella
(Newsletter, Alzheimer Walk, Transition House)

Minister of Lectors and Proclaimers of the Gospel: 
Carol Sauceda

Sacristans: Steve Cabanatuan and

Des O’Neil
Religious Education Adult and Children: 
Rev. Dr. Grandma Cindy

Board Members: 
President:  Jane Fehrenbacher
Sue Mellor:  Secretary
Paula Mauro (Treasurer)
Steve Cabanatuan (Sacristan and Past President*)
Peter DeLapa
Don George
Clergy Representative: Rev. Cindy /Substitute Rev. Dudley
*Past Presidents:  Don George, Ken Pierskalla and Steve Cabanatuan 

Active Ordained Priests:

Ordination 2017   Cindy in Argentina 2013 
Rev. Dr. Grandma Cynthia Yoshitomi
is a native Californian and Angeleno who was raised in a multi-cultural neighborhood and an inter-religious family. Cynthia Yoshitomi was ordained by Bishop Doug Walker, Bishop of Church of Antioch, on September 24th, 2017 at Saint Anthony’s Chapel in Santa Barbara.  She was called forward to serve by the Saint Anthony’s Community.
Cynthia attended Saint Mary Magdalen School.  She graduated from Reseda High School in 1965. 
She holds a BA in Leisure Studies, an MA in Educational Administration/Community Education and a Doctorate in Ministry from Global Ministries.  She taught for several years at Arizona State University in the Leisure Studies Department with a specialty in Special Populations and Community Education. She served as a VISTA Volunteer in Arizona during the Civil Rights Movement and the War on Poverty.
For more than Twenty Years Cindy worked in Campus Ministry at Occidental College and UCLA.  She was Chair of the L.A. Archdiocese Task Force on the Status of Women in the Church in 1980-1982.  She also served for over 10 years as a Human Relations trainer for the Empathy Building Process called Green Circle Program.
She opened Tea by the Sea: An International Tea Web Company  in 2006.  It later was located in the Bell Arts Factory in West Ventura.  She was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and had to close the company in 2010.  She is very familiar with the Spiritual Power of Twelve Steps programs. She is both friend and advisor to LGBT people and their parents and loved ones.  She considers herself a Catholic Womanist- Inter religious Practitioner, Spiritual Friend, Leader and Teacher.  She enjoys meeting one on one with people who have questions about their journey.  Cynthia was an RCIA Director for 15 years for Adults and Children. She is married (1969: Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church) to Jerry Yoshitomi, a still active International Arts Consultant. Together they were active for several years as Associates of the Sisters of Social Service and Saint Dominic’s Parish in Eagle Rock. They have two grown married sons and two wonderful grandchildren, Adelaide and Louisa and one on the way! 

Dudley Conneely is a lifelong humanitarian who has worked for 35 years with international non-profit organizations in some of the poorest countries in the world. His first post was in Bolivia where he served as Country Director of Project Concern International organizing and implementing sustainable, community-based, integral development projects. From 2000 to 2008 Dudley served as the director for Emergency Disaster Response teams in Darfur, Sudan, Kabul, Afghanistan, Basra Iraq and in the city of New Orleans during the Katrina disaster. These experiences prepared Dudley for his position as Executive Director of Eyeshine, a Santa Barbara non-profit that serves the Recreational and Education needs of Special Populations and their families. Dudley has a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters of Education and Masters of Divinity degrees from the University of the State of New York. He was Ordained as a  Maryknoll Catholic priest.Dudley has eight children and lives with his wife Mary in Goleta CA.  He is known for his wonderful sense of wonder and humor.
He can be reached at: or at EyeShine at:  tba