Fr. Leo Sprietsma, Franciscan Pastor of Saint Anthony’s Catholic Community.
Fr. Leo passed away in Tucson, Arizona in June 2019.  He was the Pastor of Saint Anthony’s for many years before his retirement in 2008.
Let us give thanks for our Brother Leo and celebrate his goodness, his faithfulness, his discerning leadership. What a blessing to us, and we as well to him.

Reverend John Hydar went back to God on November 19th, 2019.
Rev. John Hydar
  moved from Milwaukee to California at age six.  He felt a deep calling to the priesthood at an early age and entered the Junior Seminary in the ninth grade.  He was ordained in 1950 and was active in the priesthood until his departure in 1969.  He married Roberta in 1971 and worked in vocational rehabilitation while earning a Masters of Rehabilitation Administration from University of San Francisco in 1984.  He resumed his ministry in the 1990’s, performing weddings and funerals.  He was called forward to St. Anthony’s in 2010 along with Keith Forster. We Miss his presence among us.
Fr. Keith Forster:
In Memorial: Rev. Keith Forster was born and raised in Sacramento.  He began his ministerial life right here as a student at St. Anthony’s Seminary, following in the footsteps of his father, who had come to St. Anthony’s in 1907.  Keith was ordained a Franciscan priest in 1961.  He left the ministry and married Nancy in 1971. He worked for the California Department of Rehabilitation as a rehabilitation counselor and, in 1984, moved to Santa Barbara where he was active at the Braille Institute teaching woodworking classes.  He was called by the St. Anthony’s community in 2010 and resumed his priestly calling then. Keith passed away in 2018.  We miss him very much.

Rev. and Father: Eugene Baum: Married Ordained Priest. 
He loved growing Orchids.
A few Words about Gene: Mass of the Resurrection: Friday July 31, 2015   Gene, like Jesus in the Gospel today wants us to know where he is going.  Gene, Like Jesus, wants us to know he is will be all right and in fact doing quite well in his new life.  That fact will not prevent us from mourning or missing him, but it will help us understand the sacredness and meaning of his life among us. For me Gene made me smile.  Gene and Sandra together made me laugh.  Smiling and laughing in this world at this time is no easy task, but it was as simple as that for me.  Together they witnessed for many of us a blessed partnership of love and respect.  A thoughtful give and take so necessary in a good marriage.  Thank you Sandra for being the equal half.
Gene in his younger days on the Beach in Southern California.