Welcome to our Intentional Eucharistic Community
An Old Church with a New Heart

Saint Anthony’s is an Old church with a New heart!
We are a people rooted in Roman Catholicism who have been meeting for 45 years.
We are a welcoming community, especially for those who find themselves at the margins of their faith.
Zoom Masses Always on Sundays at 9:30
Chapel Masses on the First and Third Sunday of every month.
We gather at our traditional time  (Sundays 9:30 AM ) 
To receive our gathering sign on information please contact 
Rev. Cynthia Yoshitomi at
 ChildWisdom1@gmail.com –Or Dudley Conneely at
dudpatcon @gmail. com for sign on information.

WELCOME to the St. Anthony’s Catholic Community! We are an Old Church with a New Heart.  Current and former Catholics interested in an alternative and more inclusive vision of church and liturgy will find St. Anthony’s an attractive and welcoming place to gather on Sunday mornings and on other occasions.  Our priests, who preside at our Eucharistic celebrations and other sacramental functions, are duly prepared and ordained without regard to their marital status or gender.


Who we are…  

St. Anthony’s is an Inclusive Catholic Eucharistic Community where all are welcomed.  We exercise Eucharistic hospitality in all matters.  Our members believe it is the Spirit of God who has nurtured and led this independent, intentional faith community from its beginnings, in orthodoxy, to its present inclusive services, led by married priests.  We define ourselves as “Pilgrim people,” a phrase used by Vatican II to remind all Catholics that they are the church.  We consider our community to be in unity with the larger Church, rooted in the teachings of Jesus and the viewpoint of Vatican II.  We recognize that all baptized persons are called to ministry, not just a clerical caste. This belief results in a revived spirituality that sees us as adults before God, able to make and act on sound decisions, as led by the Holy Spirit.

Our focus is on doing what Jesus taught.  Creeds and dogmatic statements are important, but it is how we live, as well as what we say, that is important.  Our Visitors will recognize the Order of the Mass, but our prayers may be more contemporary. We strive to live by the love the Gospel proclaims and to daily apply that love to the journey of life. 
We are a hospitable and friendly people
.  We take our worship seriously, but we don’t stand on ceremony. Our love for each other–and all in attendance– is palpable.  We say of ourselves: “We are a pilgrim people, a people on the journey, a people seeking and responding to truth.  We are witnesses to Christ, who is salt, leaven and light.”  We are a people who chose to remain Teachable.  We are a people experimenting with the future of our church, in the sacred rootedness of Roman Catholicism.